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Pretty Pokets on Bay Area Parent Magazine

I love to share all the small things I accomplish. Success is not the end result. It's the approach and the effort it takes towards the end result. Which in my view is never ending! This March we were featured in Bay Area Parent Magazine. For someone who just started(Well, technically I started 4 years back. Launched a year back and relaunched this year...quite a journey isn't it?) This is a big boost of confidence. thanks, Bay Area Parent for featuring us! Many more to come! Keep pushing.

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Pretty Pokets Is Live. Taking Pre-orders now.

Woohoo! We are Live ! Friends, Time to look at a diaper bag with a new perspective. Introducing "Pretty Pokets". Accessories are women's best friends. Most importantly the handbags.But when motherhood comes along this precious accessory is replaced.Motherhood is the greatest and hardest thing.I want moms to feel loved.I(through Pretty Pokets) want to make this transition from womanhood to motherhood pretty. I believe Mom is Wow!

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Pitch: Pretty Pokets Watermark Conference For Women

Pretty Pokets goes to Watermark conference For Women. Wow.I have been waiting for this event for almost 6 months. I signed up for the for this event as soon as they opened up their website for registration. Why? The conference has a segment where you could pitch your product to QVC and Zuliy panel members. Best part? It's taking place where I live!I don't have to travel. It's quite a challenge for me if I have to travel. My husband has to take off from work, whenever I travel or attend any pitch or tradeshow.I just started my startup. Which means the only income we have is from my husband. In the bay area, it's quite a challenge. I am thankful for all...

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The Pretty Pokets Diaper Bags are Here.

Pretty Pokets Diaper bags are here!! I have no clue how to react.. so that’s the best I can do! It has been such nerve wrecking few weeks!  I was waiting for my Supplier to finish the bags and then I had to get them shipped!. Last few days all I had to say was “go go go” ...Some bags have arrived through the air and some are making their way through Sea! Super excited... People, "believe" is what I can say! Do it!! 

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Get Uncomfortable

Often we all fall into this trap called "comfort zone." Whether its exercise, job, personal goals, business, business goals, we are always told to get out of our comfort zone.Why? Magic happens when you push yourself out of comfort zone. When we know something amazing is going to happen to us why do we hang on to what's not risky? The answer to that also is simple too. "Fear of unknown." We are willing to take it all in most cases the unhappiness and frustration because we are afraid of change and most importantly the factor of unknown.

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