Coming Up With a Business Name


Coming up with a name for the business

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Coming with a business name?! God this can be super simple to super complicated. You all know that Pretty Pokets was called as "Vimaneaa." When I came up with this name, I was so sure this would be the name for my brand of bags. But when I started selling the bags and when the word about the diaper bags started spreading out, everyone had one question  "how do you pronounce it?" 

In fact, a dear friend of mine was quick to inform me that I have to change the name. I thought do I have to? But pretty quickly it was evident that I had to.

But, do you know that once you finalize the name which( in itself is a vast and cumbersome process), It's the start of a chain of steps that should happen and only then can you claim that the name is yours.

When I chose "Vimaneaa" as the name, it was easy. Becuase the name was unique. Once you select a business name you have to do the following:

  • Find if the domain name exists
  • Apply for Trademark
  • Register your business 
  • Apply for Business License( Business Tax Certificate)
  • Social media accounts

Find if the domain name exists:

You can find if a domain name exists by using Godaddy, Bluehost, Shopify, etc. Once you know that your domain name exists, quickly buy the related domain(s).

Apply for Trademark:

Your next step, If you finalize the to file for the trademark. This is a very important process. Trademark filing fee is a non-refundable fee which costs around $225. If you are going through a lawyer, it will cost you close to $1000. Just remember that you can always file your Trademark.

Register your business:

Register your business. You can do it as DBA(doing business as) or any structure you choose.There is a registration fee which you have to pay every five years.

Apply for Business License( Business Tax Certificate):

You need to apply for the business license in the city you are operating even if it's not a physical store(ex: online). There is a registration fee which you have to pay every year.Do check for other licenses and permits that you need to take.

Social media accounts:

Last but not least dont forget about your social media accounts!

Just some tips,

The name should be Catchy, Shopify has a name generator. Just google to find a name generator and start exploring!

Between,! Our Kiva Crowdfunding was 100%, and we are going into production! Yahoo!

Take care! See you in next post!