It's Graduation Day!

 Being consistent and taking baby steps put us on the path to success. I am all for small wins.  I feel empowered!. Oh gosh, I have been using this word "empowered" at least 4 to 5 times a day. It's overpowering me!.

So I graduated from a basic program/workshop conducted by Centro Community Partners. If you are a small business owner planning to start your business plan, this workshop is for you.

 Best Business Plan Writing APP

Business Plan writing can be quite intimidating for the business owners. But Centro Business Plan APP completely simplifies this program. Best part the instructor will walk you through the essential categories of your business plan. The workbook they provided was excellent. Best part? This workshop is "FREE." Did you note that? "FREE." Who will offer you to walk you through step by step process of business plan?. I just jumped at the opportunity.

 Walking into the class on Day 1 was nothing but a mix of tangled thoughts. All the happy faces you see in the picture, we all were super nervous. We all were small business owners. But none of us had a clue about the business plan writing. Why wouldn't we be nervous right? It was a 9-week program, and in the final week we present our business plan, and everyone just rocked it! I wondered are we the same people who walked through those doors nine weeks back. Yes, physically we are the same people. But mentally we changed by leaps and bounds. We gained confidence. We started believing in ourselves.

Do you know the most significant challenge we had when doing our business plan?. Coming up with prices for our products and services. We all underestimated ourselves. We all were offering invaluable services and products. All we need was a seed of belief. I am glad that it's planted in us!. Our instructor, Maria, is the most amazing and empowering person I have met. The class would have been boring without her:). The moment I walk through the classroom doors, I would see one smiling and calm personality. Her energy would make me forget everything and get right back into the class.  

Most of us or all of us in the class were women. The bond we formed would be cherished forever. Everyone would jump in to support.It was such a collaborative effort. 

"Hail! Women power!" "Hail Sisterhood!". 

Centro Community Partners offers Advanced Program as well. I am ready for it! It would have been " I wish I could" 10 weeks back. Now I am proud to say I am ready!


HEYYY! I Graduated!!! Yahoo!