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Limiting Screen Time for children

Hate it or love it electronic devices like TVs, tablets, and Ipads are here to stay. Navigating screen time for your child can be challenging. Parents must model good behavior and communicate boundaries and limits to their children with clear guidelines. Most importantly parents must be consistent with their expectations with their children.

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How To Choose A Childcare Provider

Finding a trusted childcare provider can be a stressful process no matter how experienced the parent. Our goal as parents is to ensure that our children are thriving, happy and healthy (sorry kids, fruit snacks are not fruit). We want the person caring for our children to love them as much as we do, but how can you be sure that you have found the best option? 

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How Gratitude Will Help Moms Get Through The Toughest Moments Of Motherhood

Being a mom is hard work and there is no denying that. And, it would also not be normal to never have moments of frustration when your kids are really testing your nerves. You had just cooked up a delicious dinner that required a lot of work and effort only to find out that your child will refuse to touch a bite of it! And, you had also tripped on a toy that you had asked your child 3 times to put away!  Those are certainly the days when you are going to say without hesitation how difficult motherhood really is! However, those are also the times when you are challenged to stop, take a deep breath, and think.

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Perspectives and Values - Everyday Rants

As a mom with 2 young kids growing up in the US, I often wonder how to describe to them the privileges they have. They don’t see privileges as privileges as it is their everyday.They never know anything different.They don’t get what it means to have the comforts that they parents had once only dreamed of, as they are missing one thing. Perspective.

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