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Perspectives and Values - Everyday Rants

As a mom with 2 young kids growing up in the US, I often wonder how to describe to them the privileges they have. They don’t see privileges as privileges as it is their everyday.They never know anything different.They don’t get what it means to have the comforts that they parents had once only dreamed of, as they are missing one thing. Perspective.

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How To Raise An Early Learner : 11 Best Ways To Teach Your Toddler

Toddlers years are full of exciting milestones. With the ability to do things independently comes increased self-awareness and curiosity. Children learn from listening and observing the world around them. Each child's development is different. Recognizing and tailoring the activities according to your child's age and development, helps you to lay a foundation for their early learning. All the different activities you do will help you to bond significantly with your child.

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Pretty Pokets Chooses Loved Twice as It's favorite Charity

Loved Twice helps underprivileged newborns, by giving them a better start in life by collecting and donating gently used clothes. If you are in and around the Bay Area, you might have come across the Loved Twice Clothing bins. I have come across a collecting bin in my local library and that was how I became aware of Loved Twice.

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Pretty Pokets on Amazon LaunchPad

Pretty Pokets just got accepted into Amazon LaunchPad! Yess! After four unsuccessful attempts we are final on Amazon LaunchPad. Amazon LaunchPad is a program or you can say a launch pad for startups. You have to apply for their launch pad program using an online application. You will have a series of questions you that you have to answer. These might be some of the reasons why we got rejected before and accepted later.

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Bay Area Birth and Information Event

Pretty Pokets Baby Bags at the Bay Area Birth and Information event held at Quinlan Community Center, Cupertino, California. It's the Pretty Pokets' first event since the launch and what an experience it has been. Moms loved us. The expression on their faces, the moment they stepped in was just priceless.

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