Tips for setting up your mommy morning routine

Moms often feel like they have no control over their day, with no time for themselves. Committing to a healthy morning routine can give you back your power and help you restore some of that much-needed life balance. A morning routine sets the tone for your day, motivating you and filling you with the energy you will need for later hours. 

It can be overwhelming to add yet another to-do to your already overflowing list of to-dos. But it's very critical to understand that setting up a morning routine will only make you a better and happier person. 

A routine is nothing but a collection of good habits you want to employ in your day. It is about blocking your time to become someone whom you always wanted to become or be. Trust me; this is a gift for you! You will begin to look forward to your morning's if they become a particular time for you. If you have babies and toddlers, a morning routine might not be possible for you as you are probably sleep-deprived, and you have little control over your morning. Just know all moms are with you. So see if you can manage 10 minutes of your "me" time in the morning, it will only do you a world of good.

Here are the few tips to get you started. None of these tips require much time, and none of these are huge steps. They will set you up beautifully to create a person you always dreamed of becoming.

Wake Up Early

I know you don't want to hear this, but you need this simple truth is that you can't fit anything else in your day if you don't get up a little early. Start with 10 minutes, then increase. Don't tell yourself, "I'm not a morning person." It's okay if you're not a morning person, but you need to that 10 minutes, so make that change. All that matters is that you get up and do your routine. It will change your life.

Create a Ritual

Rituals are great. They are your best friend. Start your day with a cup of coffee or tea. Read a book, do some meditation. You have to do this before anyone else is up. Do not check your phone or computer; even if you think it will help you ease into your day, do not do that. I would recommend you to read the book "The Morning Miracles." It will help you set you on the right track. The book talks about a S.A.V.E.R. S stands for silence, V for visualization E for exercise, R for Reading, S for Scribing, which means writing(your Journal). You don't have to spend hours and hours on your routine. At least one minute to five minutes of your time to doing these activities will highly improve your day. Read an inspiring book or say a little prayer. Experiment and see what makes you happy what brings you the joy start with 10 minutes you can do this.

Small right choices 

Once you start making little choices, you barely need to think about the choices; they become second nature. Don't have to make vast choices, just small changes. Small decisions can work in your favor quite powerfully. Stop trying to make a dramatic change; make a slightly better choice than you did yesterday. 


Once you have kids, it's so hard to remember each and everything, so it's essential that you just put everything on the calendar. This doesn't mean everything, but the most important things like a girl's night or kids' conference or weekend commitments. Something that your entire family needs to be aware of. Giving your tasks a day and time will make you take action. 

Make/keep a list of all the things that you would want to do. Making a list and keeping a list and dumping everything that comes into your mind onto a book or paper will help you understand what all things that you need to do. Give them a day and time to finish. See if the task takes only 2 minutes or more than 2 minutes. On any given day, pick only three essential things that you would like to finish on that day. Only three! You might end up doing only one, but that might be the most critical task.

Commit to yourself

Once you decide something you want to work on, commit to it. Do not commit too much. You will probably give up. Let your family know about your routine and that they must honor it. It might sound selfish, but it's not and makes everyone's day go much better. It will set up the day's momentum and makes you feel unstoppable. Trust me when I say that! It will make you a much happier mom. A happier mom means a happy family.

Your Today Starts the Previous Afternoon

Your today does not begin today. It starts the day before. If you have to wake up in the morning, you have to be disciplined to make sure you get to bed on time so that you are prepared to wake up the next morning. So start your preparation the previous afternoon. The key here is to make a plan and stay consistent. Decide what small step you will take each day, what different Choice you'll make, then plan how you will make that happen. You don't have to be perfect. 

Setting up your morning routine might be challenging, but the most challenging part might be protecting that routine. It would help if you decided that your morning routine is non-negotiable except, of course, for emergencies. Else it is guaranteed that you will slip away from your routine.

The most important thing here is to set the tone for your day before someone else does it for you. Take control. The day is yours.