Organizing with Kids to Create a Stress-free Home

Organizing with Kids to Create a Stress-free Home

Clutter is inevitable for many families and can be a huge stressor for Moms everywhere. Turn away from Pinterest and put down the phone, Mom. You can execute those organization pins that you have saved. Below are a few recommendations’ to get started. 

Create a space just for kids

Kids have a lot of stuff. Really, I mean it. One set of Legos can mean hundreds of small pieces all over your living room. If you have enough space in your home, make a playroom to contain their things. Your first step before creating this space is to sort, donate and/or trash old and broken toys. Use this helpful rule of thumb: New toy in, old toy out. In their play space, use items shelves (walls, bookshelves), toy boxes, small crates and boxes to store toys of all shapes and sizes. If you cannot dedicate an entire room, use the same principles listed above to establish a corner in your living room or their room. Ikea here you come! 

Have Discipline- Establish Routine

Upon walking into your front door, what happens? Do your kids throw their shoes, coats, and backpacks everywhere? For most Moms, this is an uphill battle that you DO NOT want to fight but just to keep order in your home. To save you from the stress and clutter that comes when children arrive home, be sure your children follow a routine upon entering the home. Have them remove their shoes, hang up their coat, put away their backpack, and wash their hands. Reminding them of these tasks every day with establishing a routine in no time. 

With all of the hustle and bustle to get out of the door for work and school on time, a misplaced shoe or coat can derail the morning. Another recommendation to consider is to create a dedicated space to collect your children’s belongings when they first arrive home. At the front door, utilize low-hanging coat hooks, shoe racks and baskets will help to keep and to store their items neatly and keep everything all in one place.

Declutter Like a Boss

Marie Kondo is currently trending with her approach to decluttering and reorganizing using the KonMari Method. This method encourages those to approach decluttering their home by category, rather than by location/room. This can make the overwhelming task of decluttering and organizing much simpler and feasible

There are 4 categories to tackle: Clothes, Books, Papers & Komono (miscellaneous items). 

The ultimate goal of this method is to commit yourself to complete the task of tidying your home. It is suggested that before beginning, imagine your ideal lifestyle. What would do you want your home to look like? As you move through your items (book, shirt, etc.), you must ask yourself if it sparks joy. If the item brings you joy, it should be kept. If the item is no longer gives you that spark, thank the item for its use and donate it.

What is your greatest challenge to getting organized?