Quite That Mommy Brain - 5 Ways to Preserve Your Sanity

Surely there must have been a time when you wished your baby would say, "Mommy." That sweet sound sure feels different after the Thousandth time. Moms need a little space—a little calmness in their heads. Taking a short "Me" time is quite a challenge in motherhood.

Our children don't know about personal space; What's ours is theirs, and they are in it! To be present for them or yourself, a mom needs to quiet her mommy's brain and take some me-time. How can we find a small piece of peace where we can have our minds to ourselves, to find the "me" in mommy?  Well, while there are many ways to regain your sanity, here are some well-known tips for quietening your mommy's brain and preserving your sanity.

Wake up Time

It's a challenge to wake up early when you have little ones. You will have a messy sleep time schedules. You don't have to make giant leaps. Just take some small steps. Start by waking up 10 minutes before your kids wake up and make a nice cup of tea or coffee for yourself. Trust me, you will love your time.

Me time

Me time is not just with yourself, but rather the time you spend for yourself. It can be a time you spend with yourself, your husband, or your girlfriends. Any time you can take for yourself to be yourself is vital to regaining your sanity.

  • Me time with yourself
  • Write a journal, read a book. Don't tell me you don't have 5 minutes to read a book or writing a journal. Reading a book helps you be your better self.

  • Me time with your girlfriends
  • We women just have to vent out what we have in our minds. Just let it out. It just frees up our minds! You can do this by talking to your girlfriend and or going for a girl's night. You need that time where you can talk without being judged.

  • Me time with your husband
  • Go out on that date! It need not be a date night. It can be a time during the day for an hour where you both can spend time having your favorite breakfast or lunch or snack. Don't be surprised if you end up talking about your kids! :)


    There is a vast difference between mindfulness breathing vs. just breathing. The unconscious breath to stay alive is quite different than a purposeful breath for peace. Mindful breathing has been proven to be calming, energizing, and helpful in reducing stress. 

    Digital Detox

    Put your devices on mute and away from you. This process will save you from being anxious all the time. I keep all my Watsapp/Instagram notifications on mute. I don't have any apps that take my sanity away from me on my phone. For example, I don't have a Facebook App on my phone, and the only way I can check my  Facebook feed or messages is when I log into my computer. I cannot tell you how much calmer and saner; I feel when I am not constantly checking my phone. I control my day. 

    Long walks

    Just take a few minutes from your day to day tasks and go for a long walk. I bet your little ones would love to sit in a stroller and explore the world around them. Long walks help you relax and regain yourself. Make sure you are not on the phone! This is your time to look around and breathe!


    Calming music has a profound effect on our minds. Do yourself some favor and switch on that relaxing meditation music. Relaxing music definitely helps you to be calmer and bring some sanity in your day. 

    Remember, at the end of the day; it is all about what works for you. Whatever activity works for you, make it yours and keep at it.