Baby Registry: A Complete Guide for Mommies-To-Be

Are you expecting your first child? I am sure you have a lot that you would like to buy for your baby, and I agree that it can be quiet overwhelming. So the first thing you need to do once you declare to the world that you are expecting your baby is to open a Baby Registry!

Baby registry:

A baby registry is a list of baby and mommy stuff that you can collect to or buy for your newborn and yourself(Mom). It could be anything ranging from small items like a thermometer, diapers, or a diaper bag to more essential things such as a baby crib. Baby gift registry, like a marriage registry, can be used to tell your friends and family members what you want to get for the baby and mommy. 

Sharing baby registry within your intimate group will allow them to know what type of stuff you will need the most and they can present it to you as a gift for your baby/mommy at the baby shower. The baby registry will also provide you a platform to keep a record of all the things that you would need.

When to Start Assembling A Baby Registry?

It’s totally up to you when you should start creating your registry. Some moms-to-be get super excited as soon as they get pregnant and immediately begin adding a list of things to their Baby Registry. That may look early, but it is right for them. They can add or delete items as time passes by. Moreover, these moms will get ample time to research and plan things and maintain the budget accordingly.

Some parents wait till they find out about the gender of the baby and then they start creating the list. This allows them to choose colors, designs, and accessories accordingly.

If you are planning to arrange a baby shower, then it is a great idea to complete your registry before sending invites to the people. So that guests can decide from what to gift you from your Baby registry.

What to Include in The Baby Registry Checklist?

What to include and what not to?; It is a hard question to answer.  Whatever you want and what you find best for your baby, you are free to add in your list. But here are some of the things that you will need and it would be vital for you as well as for your baby.

Baby Carrier

Bottles, nipples

Diaper Bag

Infant Shoes


Bibs and wash clothes

Bathing tub

Nursing braw, nursing cover, a pregnancy pillow

Baby clothing sets

Baby medical kit 


Rattle, teething toys

Diapers, wipes, cotton

Baby Crib

These are just for your idea of what type of things you can include in your registry. However, there are many other things. The way you can add a list of things to your Baby Registry is to visualize how your day would be and what all you would have to use from the moment the baby is out in the world.

Where to Start?

Thinking of creating a baby registry raises a question, where should I start? There are online Baby Registries and in-store Baby Registries. Some of the best baby registries are as below.

Many options are available both in stores and online. Each has its specs, features, and style. Below is the list of some registries with all the perks, budget, and features.


Babylist Registry allows you to add products from anywhere from the web!. For example, you can add Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag to Your Baby Registry hassle free! How cool is that? You can also enter the things that are not available in any store like handmade gifts or home-based meals. A “Hello Baby Sample Box” having goodies and coupons of $125 is also presented to the mommies-to-be upon registration.

It is also a universal registry allowing you to add products from any of the stores. It has a fantastic feature of scanning the barcode on the items in-store, leading it to add automatically to your registry. You can sync the store registries, you previously have. Check for Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag!

Amazon is a one-stop-shop registry offering you a variety of products. It is a universal baby registry that allows you to add products from nearly any website. You can add every type of product, whether it is a tiny or a big one. It will provide you endless product options.  The prices are quite budgeting friendly, and products will deliver free and fast if you make a purchase over $25 or if you are a prime member of Amazon. You can also get welcoming discounts and gifts if you go for a prime membership. Its customer support is fabulous, making it simple to make exchanges and returns in 90 days.

  •       Target Baby Registry:

Target baby registry offers you to shop from approximately 2,000 stores nationwide. It will deliver items free of cost if you shop above $35. Moreover, the Baby registry has a group gifting option, so that your friends or relatives could contribute to buying more significant items.  It is an excellent option if you are looking for a boutique-style, fancy, or colorful budget-friendly clothing. You will get a one-time coupon of 15% off on your leftover products after the arrival of your little tot. You will also get a welcoming gift worth $50, including testers, coupons, or other goodies.

  •       Buy Buy Baby Registry:

Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby registry are the twin sister stores, so if you have any discount coupon of Bed Bath & Beyond can be used at Buy Buy. It is the all-in-one store having almost all of the baby necessities. You can buy almost everything ranging from burp clothes to cradle or stroller.  It also presents you with a goody bag having discount coupons or tasters, when you get yourself registered. However, it is a bit expensive compared to the products available at other stores.

  •       Pottery Barn Kids Registry:

If you are looking for adorable and appealing furniture for your nursery, it is an excellent choice to get registered. It is a GreenGuard Gold certified furniture store supplying you with all organic products. You can also order customized products with your baby’s name on it. Though prices of products are high as compared to others, they are trendy, robust, and well-finished products. You get a 20% discount on your left items after the arrival of your newborn. It also offers you to make a free appointment with consultants that will aid you in designing and maintaining your nursery. All the products are pre experimented or tested to ensure safety and durability.

Overall, whatever option you go with, the most critical thing to keep in mind while creating a baby registry is that it’s intended to be helpful and enjoyable. While creating a Baby registry instead of wasting money on the things that you would never be going to use, focus on what is vital for you and your little one. Have fun and enjoy your motherhood.