Dream it, Believe it, Be it, Do it

I heard many people say; I had a dream; My dream is, It's my childhood dream... But how many have accomplished those dreams?

I was sitting on my couch one day and thinking, do we have to have that passion and dream since childhood? The answer was an immediate No. It's never too late to dream or imagine big. So the key tool #1 is "Dream it."

Over the last few years, I have realized, that anything is possible. You have to work towards it. Knowing that nothing is easy and everything needs work is a significant factor which gets you closer to your dreams. 

Pretty Pokets -Dream it, Believe it , Be it, Do it

Well, you have a dream, you are committed to working hard, is that enough?. The answer is a simple no. You got to believe it. It's not going to be an easy journey. People will question you and ask you to show them the results; folks will tell you that it's such a waste of time. All this will only lead to self-doubt. But exposing yourself to believe in what you are doing is critical. The key tool #2 is "Believe it ". It's a journey. Like a newborn, who comes into this world and tries to figure out how to walk, run, talk, and eventually to become a self-sustained person; likewise, a dream needs to be given wings by believing it yourself.

You have to put your dreams out to the universe, and you will see the universe working with you to fulfill those dreams.Do you just put them out and expect them to work? Well you know the answer is a big no!. You have to do the work. You need to "Do it" is the key tool #3 for making your dreams come true.

Finally, you need to hang on to those dreams day in and day out. I learned this from my son. He dreams of becoming a Ninja. Day in and day out he acts as if he is a Ninja. This curiosity and want to be it makes him believe he is a real Ninja. So the key tool #4 is to "Be it."

It's super scary to let anyone know about your dreams. But today I am putting my thoughts out in the Universe. 

1) I want my brand to establish itself as the best brand ever for moms.

2)I want moms to embrace themselves, and I want to empower them.

3) I want to become the best keynote speaker empowering women.

4) I want to meet Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Sarena Williams 

Courageous, Fun, Strong, and  Amazing and wonderful ladies

5) I want to Giveback. Oh, a 100% yes! I want to give back. I don't even want to wait till I make some profits.

6) As a mom, I want to bring up two amazing little ones who have great attitude and gratitude.


What are your dreams? Put it out to the universe!