Choosing a Manufacturer

I am more than happy to say that I have finalized my manufacturer also called a supplier.There are many ways to finalize a manufacturer. Here are my two cents on how I chose. I am mainly focusing on an overseas manufacturer.

Point#1: The manufacturer should have necessary communication skills. They Don't have to be super grammatically correct.But basic understanding and ease of communication is a must.TMost manufacturers might not talk to you, but they are good with emails.

Point#2: Suppliers should be the manufacturers of your niche products. Let's say a manufacturer who manufactures lady purses might not be able to manufacturer diaper bags.

Point#3: The supplier should be able to understand your idea, your drawings, your views. This point is critical.

Point4#: The manufacturer should be able to give you a good number of options for making your products.

Point5#: The supplier should be able to question your drawings, like what is feasible what is not.This point is the most critical point of all. You just don't want some product. You want a product which is useful.

Point6#: Quality should be the number one priority. Who would buy cheap products? 

Point7#: The supplier should be transparent and should be willing to build long-term relationships.

Point8#: The supplier should be able to accommodate some last minute changes and should be ready to work out things and remove any roadblocks. It's not all about money!

Point9#: Detailed communication. This point is super important. The manufacturers should follow up with the questions like what is the size of this, is this color correct, is this the hardware to use, etc.


For me, both the manufacturers scored equally on all points. One manufacturer stood(Let's say Manufacture 1) out mainly because I was questioned about the dimensions I was asking them to make. You need someone to question whether the design you are creating makes practical sense or not. Also, they were super detailed in their approach. Finally, they brought life to my idea. 


 Did you say you saw the bag?! :)