NO More Walking! Time for Production

It's no time for walking! I chose my manufacturer,  I have to start my production as quickly as possible, with holidays and back to school routines my life was going at a snail pace. Now if I have to run like Usain Bolt? Gosh.

Handbag Manufacturing

I was like ok let's start the production. My manufacturer mentioned that I have to do 30% down payment now and 70% when the production is complete. OK, I can do that. I am so glad I had a successful Kiva Crowdfunding. But wait! Don't I have to go to Bank to do the wire? Oh no! It's already Thursday! Which means the money transfer might only reach my supplier on Tuesday?

Ok, I will do the wire, the supplier will start the production, then what? Oh, Shipping!!!! What is the process? Should I do the shipping Via Air or Sea? What would the shipping cost be?  What are the customs fee? What paperwork should I fill?

Oh god, my head is spinning right now!

Do you have any recommendations for a logistics agent?