Pitch: Pretty Pokets Watermark Conference For Women

QVC Zulily Pitch

Pretty Pokets goes to Watermark conference For Women. Wow.I have been waiting for this event for almost 6 months. I signed up for the for this event as soon as they opened up their website for registration. Why? The conference has a segment where you could pitch your product to QVC and Zuliy panel members. Best part? It's taking place where I live!I don't have to travel. It's quite a challenge for me if I have to travel. My husband has to take off from work, whenever I travel or attend any pitch or tradeshow.I just started my startup. Which means the only income we have is from my husband. In the bay area, it's quite a challenge. I am thankful for all the support I get from my husband. It's not easy to run a business and raise two kids at the same time. 

My husband and I have to plan things in advance to keep us all sane. Getting back to the conference, I must say it was a fun day. My pitch was for 8 minutes. I felt very confident. I need to practice and redefine it a bit more. But I was super happy to get in front of the judges and other amazing women whom I met at the conference.

Pitch was my opportunity for new connections and new opportunities.

Stay tuned for what I am up to!