Criblis - An Innovative Platform for MomPreneurs

More than ever moms around the world are stepping up to create their own journey. A journey which gives them the liberty to be there for their kids and family, to be their own bosses. It's sure a roller coaster ride and these moms are not afraid to reach out for the unknowns.

Today, you will meet one such mom, Gabi!. My goal at Pretty Pokets is not only to empower moms with the products that I design and create. But also how we support and empower moms through the services we do, the partnerships, we take up and the collaborations we make. 

That said, I wanted to let you know that we are on Criblis! An innovative platform for premium baby products started by Gabi. Criblis is a market where you can rent, sell and buy premium kids’ products. On the Criblis community, you’ll find like-minded parents, artisans, and mompreneurs efficiently trading beloved products and baby experiences.


Gabi Meira started the business when she felt overwhelmed by the baby world and realized we parents could do better with the way we consume kids’ products, being conscious of the time we need products for and where we get them.

We are thrilled to launch Pretty Pokets diaper bag on Criblis and can't wait to grow together.

Now Criblis is available as an app on the App Store and Google Play, where parents and family friends can easily sort products by category, whether they come from boutiques, artisans or pre-owned to rent or to buy. Check it out!