Launch of Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag

Launching Pretty Pokets Diaper bags! It's not Pretty Pockets it's Pretty Pokets without a C.  You can see that I am just getting started on my brand new website. So thank you for your patience. I am a one-woman army with two little helpers, who hardly help.  But the unsung hero behind all my efforts is my husband. With two young kids, it is never easy to balance motherhood and business. The conferences that I had to attend, the courses/workshops I had to go, would never be possible without him. He is always there. At the same time, he gets a time off and his space.It is a team effort, and it should be mutual.

Let me introduce myself. I am Madhu. I am a Wife/Mom and now a business owner. I am the designer of Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag. Previously known as Vimaneaa Diaper Bags. I was a Hardware Engineer at Intel Corp for ten years. I launched Vimaneaa Diaper Bags in 2017 January, and it was available on Amazon from March 2017.

Vimaneaa Diaper bags on stand out with 5-star ratings. The diaper bag was very well received by everyone. Where ever I took the bag, people just loved it. Not alone moms. Their eyes wide open with awe only boosted my confidence and belief. I am thankful for such incredible support and love.

Vimaneaa Diaper bags and now Pretty Pokets Diaper bags are Patent Pending Diaper Bags for moms on the go.It is modeled and designed specifically with smart pockets to look sleek with store all and store smart capability.

The diaper bag provides functionality, style, and simplicity. Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag's unique diaper dispenser, trash cover dispenser, and wipes dispenser functionality makes the diaper changing process anywhere and everywhere easy without even putting your hands into the bag.

We all are crazy about Smart Phones, and Now it's time to be crazy about Smart Pockets! Ok! hold on that went too far. Let me come back!

Well, all was going well. I sold my first set of bags, got great reviews, but then came my first hiccup. Rather, a huge one! I had to back-out from my manufacturer due to multiple reasons, and I am back to where I started again. As an entrepreneur, this is my first major challenge. I am starting off at zero again. Surprisingly, I don’t have the fear I had initially.

I transitioned from engineer to an industry which I knew very little or nothing.I want to journal what I have done so far and where I am going. I want to share it with you all on how I am working my way up. How am I getting the next version of bags done? How am I doing all this being mother of two little ones and more!

Many moms like me have so many ideas and have little idea where to start. By sharing my adventures, I am hoping to help moms to take their first indispensable step while tackling the most critical task at their hands - "motherhood".

I am super excited and can't wait to share. If you want to stay in touch with my story, you can do so by signing up for my Story-letter!


See you in the next post!