Pretty Pokets Pretty Pockets Diaper Bag
Madhu is a mom of two young children. Like all working parents living in the fast-paced, Silicon Valley, she struggled with balancing her roles between being a working professional and a mom and finding time to nurture her creative spirit. Her involvement in mentoring a girl team at the Tech Challenge opened the door for her to take a bold step in coming up with an idea to solve her own pain point as a mom.She wanted a diaper bag which is practical and elegant! When she could not find one, she decided to make one. Madhu spent the next couple of years talking to moms about the must-haves for the diaper bags, coming up with a design, building a prototype, finding a manufacturer.

Early 2017, she launched a minimum set of bags her personal website, a parenting blog, and shop. The product was also available on Amazon under the brand name "VIMANEAA." The diaper bag received great reviews and also much love and appreciation and was sold out only a couple of months after launch, in June of 2017.  The “How it works” video has 11k views on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/prettypokets/videos/1006561442779226/.

Late 2017, the company was rebranded as Pretty Pokets™(It's not Pretty Pockets it's Pretty Pokets without a C). Being an advocate of simple living, Madhu hopes Pretty Pokets products will not only provide the style and functionality but also feed the minimalist concept into busy, young moms’ lives so they can accessorize and be stylish with less!