Drawings to Design : My Initial Designs and Drawings

Your Business Idea is just one of the many steps to starting something creative. It is the vital step upon which your business is built. Only you are the sole cheerleader for your business. Your idea is your baby.
The way a mom only can give birth to her baby. Similarly, you have to understand that no one can give birth to your child(your Idea). You have to bring your idea into the world and make it a reality.  No one will do it for you. Rest all folks are there to provide the required support. Wow, some serious analogy there!
Once I had an Idea, I sat down with a pen and paper. I started writing down whatever Ideas I started getting. I started sending out emails to my friends, to be moms. Wherever I went, I had one question. How should your ideal diaper bag look?I received tons of inputs. Anywhere I went the problem went with me. Your best ideas to support your view will come from most unusual places or people. So  I did not hesitate to ask.  Another thing you can do is to send your questions via a simple email or using services like Google Forms or  Survey Monkey. I have used these two services, but many options are available.
“Begin somewhere; you cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do.” – Liz Smith
Your questions can be as simple and as complicated as you want. I had sent the below simple questions to my mom friends, and I got responses anywhere from being amazing to hilarious. 
My E-mail I sent to a friend and her response,
Answers inline :)
 What is one thing that is must/is in a diaper bag?
 What is the coolest thing to have/be?
 "happy baby" magic wand for mama :)
 What is the beautiful thing to have/be?
 Mama's favorite snack...lol!
I later asked her to send me something possible and not the Impossible!
Another friend's response was as below.
Been there done that ...why do you ask?
It was super fun to collect the inputs and also have some fun while collecting most valuable data for my idea. Once I gathered some data, I then brainstormed the ideas. Then I started looking up online and on YouTube on how to draw Handbags. Below were my first attempts and I was super happy to pull off such fun creations.
Then I kept jotting down my ideas and drawings, however, and whatever way I could. Finally, I came up with a bag design. It was this most pristine and accomplished moment in my life when I finally came up with the final model. I sat there and admired.....Huh...My baby. I know I know! does not make any sense. But people this below model lead to the creation of the actual physical model which I sold!  So now you agree that it is, in fact, a wonder :).  Pretty close to my real model don't you think?  
Meanwhile, my son sneaked up and sketched his own art in my book. So the next thing I did immediately was to take a picture of the bag.
Having an idea is essential. But it is much more important to put your thought down. Write somewhere. Draw something. However and whatever you can. But the important thing is to attempt. Almost every person has one or the other idea. But only a few make it happen. You have to make an effort. Without effort, you would not be able to see what would be coming next. Below are few points I want to summarize.
You have a Business idea Now what?
Reach out:
You need to reach out to as many people as you want. To brainstorm your idea.
Put it on Paper:
You need to dump out your idea somewhere. Wringing your opinion down on paper using your writing, drawings or sketches is the most crucial step. By doing this, you are putting it out in the universe which is fantastic.
Narrow Your Niche:
Once you put down your Idea, you have to think to whom the product would be most useful. Then narrow down your niche. Your product or idea is much appreciated and valued when you put in front of the right people. Whom would you prefer to show your product? To 1000 people who don’t even want the product or to 100 people who want your product? The answer is obvious. So once you have an idea start thinking about your niche. Narrow down as much as you can.
Once I had the design, I scrambled all over, trying to do everything I could. More on how I kept going in my next post!  Adios  Amigo!