How to Use the Bag

Pink Diaper BagPretty Pokets™(It's not Pretty Pockets it's Pretty Pokets without a C.) wants to make the transition from womanhood to motherhood pretty by empowering moms with practical and elegant products that they are proud to wear and would not leave home without. Our patent pending unique diaper dispenser feature and dedicated trash cover roll pocket makes the diapering process anywhere and everywhere easy.



Unique Diaper Dispenser Functionality

  • Patent Pending Unique Diaper Dispenser Opening on the right-hand side of the bag.
  • The dispenser has a zipper which is 2 inches from the bottom of the bag. The zipper opens up to the inside of the diaper bag. 
  • Diapers can be pulled from the inside of the bag, without having to open the bag. 


Dedicated Pocket For Trash Roll/Wipes Storage

Pretty Pockets Diaper bag

Pretty Pokets Pretty Pockets Diaper BagPretty Pokets Pretty Pockets Diaper BagPretty Pokets Pretty Pockets Diaper Bag

  • Patent Pending Separate trash roll pocket.
  • Place a small trash roll inside the trash roll pocket, and dispense when needed.


One Bag For All The Baby and Mom Essentials

  • Front snap pocket has a 5-inch zipper pocket on the flap which can be used to place phone or any other essentials. 
  • The snap pocket zipper on the flap provides quick access to things likes phone, keys, bills and more and keeps the bag organized and simple.Phone or keys which are important things of everyday use can be retrieved with ease when required. 
  • The front snap pocket also has 2 slip pockets and a main pocket once you lift the flap.  The slip pockets give more storage for everyday essentials as well as baby essentials.



Pink Diaper Bag Backpack


  • Four Organizational inside pockets.Place diapers inside and throw anything on them. You have more space! As you dispense the diapers without opening the top of the bag!


 Bag for Diapers


  • The zippered pockets at the back of the diaper bag could be used to place wipes, diaper changing pad, a 10″-12″ tablet.
  • The pretty pokets diaper bag helps to keep things simple and organized, as it is designed with dedicated pockets for things like keys, phone, Tablet, diaper changing pad and baby essentials and avoids the use of multiple bags.
More about the product
  • Premium Quality Vegan Leather.
  • Patent Pending UNIQUE DIAPER DISPENSER. A hassle-free way to take the diapers.
  • Dedicated POCKET TO DISPENSE TRASH COVER(Trash rolls not included).
  • An adjustable crossbody strap so you can wear the bag hands free and a convenient changing pad, an insulated bottle holder, Small purse to carry credit cards, bills and more.
  • 5 outside pockets and 4 inside organizational pockets. Front snap pocket includes a 5-inch zipper pocket on the flap and 2 slip pockets.