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Making a Prototype : Sample Making For the Handbag

The way I did it is I started with sewing stores. I went to a nearby sewing store and asked them for contacts. Usually, the sewing stores will have contacts. Many folks will leave their business cards with the stores. You can either go to the stores or you could call the stores. You can also reach out to local community colleges and schools. Students in the last semester will take up projects and they usually charge you less. Next step I started sending them emails. But many of the folks said they will not be able to take up or do the project. There would be days where I would feel I had found one to do my prototype and then I would end up returning empty hand....

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Drawings to Design : My Initial Designs and Drawings

Once I had an Idea, I sat down with a pen and paper. I started writing down whatever Ideas I started getting. I started sending out emails to my friends, to be moms. Wherever I went, I had one question. How should your ideal diaper bag look?I received tons of inputs. Anywhere I went the problem went with me. Your best ideas to support your view will come from most unusual places or people. So  I did not hesitate to ask.  Another thing you can do is to send your questions via a simple email or using services like Google Forms or  Survey Monkey. I have used these two services, but many options are available.

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Moving On: Kiva and Small Business Events

My first networking events. I was super happy that I went. These events have boosted my confidence by leaps and bounds. I took my bag along, and everyone was super impressed! Their energy just propelled me.  With that energy boost, I think I would survive for days had I not eaten. Hmm, but I did eat that's another story :).Just one connection will open up an entire window of opportunities.

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Feeling Stuck and the Transition

There comes a point in our lives where we find ourselves stuck. No matter how hard you try, you cannot find a way to lift your spirits up. The very job which was exciting in the beginning might make you slog. Why? Well, many factors play a role to bring us to this moment. We are humans we change every day. Our emotions change on daily basis, changes in our relationships good or bad happen, changes at work and many more factors fuel the moment we have come to.

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