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Choosing a Manufacturer

I am more than happy to say that I have finalized my manufacturer also called a supplier.There are many ways to finalize a manufacturer. Here are my two cents on how I chose. I am mainly focusing on an overseas manufacturer.

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Dream it, Believe it, Be it, Do it

You have a dream, you are committed to working hard, is that enough?. The answer is a simple no. You got to believe it. It's not going to be an easy journey. People will question you and ask you to show them the results; folks will tell you that it's such a waste of time. All this will only lead to self-doubt. But exposing yourself to believe in what you are doing is critical. The key tool #2 is "Believe it ". It's a journey. Like a newborn, who comes into this world and tries to figure out how to walk, run, talk, and eventually to become a self-sustained person; likewise, a dream needs to be given wings by believing...

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Coming Up With a Business Name

Coming with a business name?! God this can be super simple to super complicated. You all know that Pretty Pokets™ was called as "Vimaneaa." When I came up with this name, I was so sure this would be the name for my brand of bags. But when I started selling the bags and when the word about the diaper bags started spreading out, everyone had one question  "how do you pronounce it?" 

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It's Graduation Day!

Business Plan writing can be quite intimidating for the business owners. But Centro Business Plan APP completely simplifies this program. Best part the instructor will walk you through the essential categories of your business plan. The workbook they provided was excellent. Best part? This workshop is "FREE." Did you note that? "FREE." Who will offer you to walk you through step by step process of business plan?. I just jumped at the opportunity.

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Kiva Crowdfunding Campaign is Live

I am on! My first ever crowdfunding campaign is live and running. I am super excited and cautious at the same time. I don't know how these crowdfunding events work.  I am using this launch to raise money for the sample and production costs of my diaper bag and at the same time, I am experiencing first hand on how the crowdfunding works. Is it like you write your story and just launch? Is it just a click of a button? From what I am experiencing it's not. My Pretty Pokets crowdfunding campaign is live on Kiva. I am 28% funded and I have 22 days to go. I am super nervous as I want the funds to start the production of my bag. Let...

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