Pretty Pokets on Amazon LaunchPad


Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag on Amazon LaunchPad

Pretty Pokets just got accepted into Amazon LaunchPad! Yess! After four unsuccessful attempts we are final on Amazon LaunchPad.

Amazon LaunchPad is a program or you can say a launch pad for startups. You have to apply for their launch pad program using an online application. You will have a series of questions you that you have to answer.

These might be some of the reasons why we got rejected before and accepted later.


  • We were not registered(Trademark).
  • We were not funded through any crowdfunding campaign
  • Not a seller on Amazon.
  • Enrolled into Brand Registry(We were enrolled and it is a must for any private label).


  • Trademark was registered.
  • Funded through Kiva Crowdfunding Campaign(This might not be a must required campaign).
  • Enrolled into Brand Registry.
  • Might have been an edge but can't be sure. I was part of YCombinator Start Up School 2018 Program.

If you get rejected you will get an email saying your application is declined. You will never get an answer to why?

If you get accepted. You will be sent an email that you got accepted and that someone from Amazon will contact you. You will have a dedicated manager who will talk to you if you have any questions. 

There is no fee to enter into Amazon LaunchPad. But from 2019 a 5% fee will be charged per sale when they start your marketing campaign.