Pretty Pokets Chooses Loved Twice as It's favorite Charity

I always remind my kids how grateful they should be for what they have in their lives. A  roof to live under, liberty to eat and wear what they want. Not many kids in the world are very fortunate. I keep reminding them that, as they sleep peacefully in the night they are other kids struggling to sleep. It might be an overrun but as a parent, it is super important to teach and remind our kids every day.

I am thankful to be brought up in a family who is always giving back to the community. Giving back was rooted in me from the very beginning. To date, my dad continues to work for my community back home. It is such a humbling experience. I have been a donor for many causes and events for a long time. Anything related to kids is super close to my heart.

As I grow my business I want to create a culture which embraces the importance of the community and the importance of giving back to the community. Currently, there are two non-profit organizations that I really want to be involved and contribute and bring awareness. One of them is Loved Twice. You will soon know about the other. 

Loved Twice helps underprivileged newborns, by giving them a better start in life by collecting and donating gently used clothes. If you are in and around the Bay Area, you might have come across the Loved Twice Clothing bins. I have come across a collecting bin in my local library and that was how I became aware of Loved Twice.

Loved Twice was started by Lisa Klein in 2005. Lisa responded to Craig’s List posting from Louisiana asking for donations of baby clothing after Hurricane Katrina. Having just had her first child, Lisa was deeply moved to contribute. She rallied other San Francisco Bay Area mothers and collected 200 pounds of baby clothes in four days. Mailing the onesies, swaddling blankets, and other donated clothes off, she realized that the simple process of reusing gently used newborn clothing to provide for infants in need could be applied to her home state of California. Lisa turned her compassion into passion and started Loved Twice.

Today, Loved Twice have grown into an effective nonprofit. Companies have hosted hand-me-down sorting events, retailers/libraries have infant clothing donation bins in their stores. It's amazing to see the communities involved to help.

Pretty Pokets want to help and give back. Starting today Pretty Pokets will be donating a $1 to Loved Twice for any sales made on Pretty Pokets website.

I would encourage all of you to check out Loved Twice and do what you can to help. You can check out the website Loved Twice for more information

Click on below image to learn how to help.

Loved Twice